PO: Drip To Go Thermo Tumbler 2.0 (Grey)
PO: Drip To Go Thermo Tumbler 2.0 (Grey)
PO: Drip To Go Thermo Tumbler 2.0 (Grey)
PO: Drip To Go Thermo Tumbler 2.0 (Grey)

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PO: Drip To Go Thermo Tumbler 2.0 (Grey)

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Perfect for your favorite drink on the way to the office or while traveling.
Our Drip To Go lid design allows you open and close the cup by simply click on the button in the lid. The lid cover can also be disassembled to let you clean the lid thoroughly. The cup 100% leak-proof when closing the lid and fit to most car cup holder.

Drink from the full 360 degrees of the cup as if there is no lid – it’s exactly the same as drinking from an ordinary cup. The insulated thermal cup ensure you can enjoy cold and hot beverages(Keep cool for 10 hours, warm for 5 hours)

Our Drip To Go mug package also includes a stainless steel coffee filter. No fiddling around with paper filters, simply open the lid, put the stainless filter over the mug and fill it with ground coffee and water, remove the filter and you can enjoy your coffee.

1/ A compact design of coffee dripper and coffee mug to save storage area

2/ Made with a high-density mesh, the dripper is designed to save the hassle of using filter papers

3/ The lid can be served as the stand for dripper while enjoying the coffee

Dimension (cm): ∅8.6 x H15.1
Volume (ml): 350
Weight (kg): 0.24
Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Silicone, PP