About Souliday

Our journey started from Haji Lane in May, 2021. We have moved to a bigger space at Havelock2 in May, 2022.

Souliday is where you would want to go to explore like a vacation.
Here, you would find little things that connect to your soul and surprise you.

We curate products that are one-of-a-kind designs from all over the world by ourselves. Each products are crafted and built with high quality and valuable story behind. We subscribe to their brand values and want to share their stories with you.

We bring in crafts in small batch every time since most of them are slowly handmade and delicate items so you might only find a portion of items we sell online. You might come by our physical shops for the full collections that we import.

Do pop by our physical store at Havelock 2 for all the crafts we have!

We bring the holiday to you;
just take your pick and indulge!

Our Ambition:
- Appreciate high-quality products
- Support each decent brands
- Value the brand story

Soulful gifts. Indulge in holiday~

Souliday~ 🏖