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    The FIRST ROUND this year of NGD pre-order has officially released on our webstore now! 🤗We have brought you the latest design bags and also hats for the first time! ✨Up to 10 different items and 50+ colours!Some items are ONLY LIMITED at pre-order which means we won’t bring into store 🔥🔥✨ What can you find ✨:- Rubik Bag (The NEWEST bag)- Mini Cubic Bag- Pinto Bag- Tempo Bag- Candy Bucket- NGD CAP(Those won’t be in-store items)🧚🏻‍♂️ Rubik bag is a little larger than robot bag.In-Store items:- Happy bag 2.0- Happy bag- Robot bag (Longer Lead Time)- Donut pouch(Those are remaining few in-store & Shopee now)⏰ Pre-order ends 2nd Feb. or till SOLD OUT😉 All the pre-order order...

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  Say Hello to 2023! 💫💫As a saying goes in Chinese “除舊佈新”, we have prepared some grand promotions for you to replace those OLD stuff at home for this Year of Rabbit! ☺️Which items could you find on promotions here?🧚🏼‍♀️ There are scented candles, cotton Tees, Apple leather accessories, cards, pouches etc.! Come to our Singapore Flagship store and explore! Let’s enjoy up to 50% off in store with us till end of Jan. 2023 now!

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👀 Look here! 👇🏻 We have something prepared for Christmas! 🎁

Find your perfect gifts at Souliday!  'Tis the season la la la~ If you still don't know where to get your next great present to your love ones, you are looking at the right place! We have curated a range of unique Xmas gifts items for you.    Please note on our physical store opening hours will be shorten thru xmas season. However, with ease, you could shop 24/7 with us online right here :)

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