NGD - Happy Bag (Black)
NGD - Happy Bag (Black)
NGD - Happy Bag (Black)
NGD - Happy Bag (Black)
NGD - Happy Bag (Black)
NGD - Happy Bag (Black)


NGD - Happy Bag (Black)

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NGD is a brand from Thailand and we are the only retail shop to work with them in Singapore.

What is the difference between Happy Bag and Happy Bag 2.0?

The main variation is the size! The happy bag is a bit smaller than happy bag 2.0.

It would be more compact.

Each item is handmade and hand-sewn slowly with hearts.

The happy bag comes in 4 colors with 3 main zipper compartments and the size can fit smaller phones. 

Take note the color might look slightly different on different screens.

There are 2-way carries. You could detach the strip and buckle it on the bike or the belt!

It is 2-way carry as you could hook it on the bag or you can hang it on the neck. We would provide you with one string for each pouch in random color.

Size: 14 x 9.5 x 4 cm (Do bear +/- 5% difference as each one is handmade and hand sewn.)


Do take notes: It is unable to refund or change the color/design once your order is completed. Because each one is limited in quantity, there is no reservation allowed.



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