Himekuri - 2023 Sticky Calendar (Stationery) with A6 Booklet
Himekuri - 2023 Sticky Calendar (Stationery) with A6 Booklet
Himekuri - 2023 Sticky Calendar (Stationery) with A6 Booklet
Himekuri - 2023 Sticky Calendar (Stationery) with A6 Booklet

Himekuri - 2023 Sticky Calendar (Stationery) with A6 Booklet

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Make a new way to record the new year - 2023!

Sticky notes desk calendar from Himekuri.

The “Himekuri” is a new type of sticky notes desk calendar that won the award of excellence at the 2018 Japan Stationery of the Year Awards in the Functionality division.

- Background colors change every week. The different colors show you where today is at a glance. (patented)
- 365 days come with 365 illustrations. You could enjoy turning it over every day with different graphics.
- All is made into sticky notes.
- The sticky notes can be used in various ways, from marking the date in your bullet journal to reminding you when you opened a food container.

Make your day fun and record via this creative way from 2023 now!



Capacity Calendar base size: 50x210mm
Stickers size: 38x25mm
Weight: 78g


Booklet size: A6 (148x105mm)
Number of booklet pages: 88
Weight: 138g


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Paper
Year of manufacture: 2022
Product name: himekuri stationery

Supervision:Makiko Fukushima
Design: Mao Hagiwara

A calendar with the theme of "Stationery of the World.
A large number of stationery items such as ballpoint pens, notebooks, scissors, etc. from a total of 20 manufacturers* from all over the world
The special booklet that comes with the calendar features a variety of stationery from 20 manufacturers* from all over the world.
The accompanying special booklet contains trivia about the manufacturers and stationery that appear in the calendar.
You can create your own stationery book in one year.

*The booklet is INCLUDED in the 2023 edition.

You could collect their booklet to peel, and paste the sticky calendar.
It is a calendar that can be pasted on a booklet for 365 sheets a year, and the album is completed in one year.

**TAKE NOTES: This is a Pre-order item. The lead time would be around Mid-Oct to the End of Oct.


卓上日めくり付せんカレンダー「himekuri」は2018年に日本文具大賞 機能部門の優秀賞を受賞した、新しいタイプの卓上日めくりカレンダーです。


  • 1週間ごとに色(背景色)が変化。色の変わり目が今日と一目で分かります。(特許取得済)
  • 365日全て絵柄が変わるので、毎日楽しくめくることができます。
  • 365枚全てに付せん加工が施されています。
  • 剥がして捨てるのではなく再利用できる、新しいカレンダーです。
  • バレットジャーナルの日付や食品に貼って開封日を記録するなど、さまざまな使い方ができます。