Dachun Soap - Baobab Facial Soap
Dachun Soap - Baobab Facial Soap
Dachun Soap - Baobab Facial Soap
Dachun Soap - Baobab Facial Soap

Da Chun

Dachun Soap - Baobab Facial Soap

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.Back in Daodaocheng.

Dachun started out in Taipei’s Dadaocheng during the Japanese reign.
After 60 years, we have now returned to our birthplace.
What was once a busy marketplace has now transformed into arty alleys and streets.
Rice, tea, and Chinese medicinal herbs being the representative local produce are used for our primary soap ingredients.

Grateful for the present and reminiscent of the past, our connection with this land is inseparable. 

The Miraculous Forest Series

Featuring trees miraculously grown in harsh climates. Unique wood patterns on the soap, paired with precious essence from rare dragon trees and baobab trees to nourish your skin.

Baobab Trees

In Senegal, the baobab tree is seen as the Tree of Life. Also called the Bottle Tree or God of Desert, the baobab trees have tree trunks with great water storage capacity. Even in desolate and inhospitable areas, the baobab trees are able to survive tenaciously.


Basking in light and buoyant sweet fragrance together with floral scents brought by the breezes, together we feel the refreshing facial cleansing under the warm sunshine.


Skin Type|Dry skin
Weight|100 g
Features|face soap
How To Store|Avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a cool and dry place.
Warning|If you experience any skin discomfort after using this product, please consult your doctor and discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.


Made In Taiwan.



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